Snow Crab Rolls

All crab rolls are served with a side of healthy cassava chips.

For the true Chunky Experience, make sure to get a regular or large!

Lemon Butter Crab


We made this just to show off our meat!


Try our newest seafood, imported straight from Korea. Enjoy the sweet and salty flavours of the crab with a touch of butter to accentuate. Adding a splash of lemon is entirely up to you. We know it'll be good either way.

Served chilled.

$10.00 (Small)

$14.00 (Medium)

$18.00 (Large)

Truffle Crab


A new premium flavour at a bargain price!


Delicate crab meat, pan seared in butter and truffle oil made using real black truffle. Taste the deep, musky aroma and earthy flavours, interwoven with the sweet and salty flavours of flaky snow crab meat.

Served warm.

$14.00 (Small)

$18.00 (Medium)

$22.00 (Large)

Chilli Crab


Chilli Crab sauce with the correct seafood this time!

Locally made chilli crab sauce ladled onto delicate and flaky crab meat. A perennial favourite in a package made for you and you alone. No need to fight for the best parts of the crab when it's already been done for you.

Served warm.

$12.00 (Small)

$16.00 (Medium)

$20.00 (Large)

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