All lobster rolls are served with a side of healthy cassava chips.



Chunky's Mentaiko


A taste of Japan through a simple yet tangy topping.


Our original lobster roll topped with mentaiko: a spiced cod roe with a unique flavour that Singaporeans have come to love. Torched till crisp and aromatic to give a delectable, smoky flavour.


Chunky's BoniTo


Takoyaki toppings on something other than takoyaki!


Our original lobster roll topped with delectable takoyaki sauces, and covered with a heaping serving of bonito flakes. Taste thick, juicy lobster chunks enveloped in uniquely Japanese flavours.


Chunky's Original


Our proudest creation, the way we think it should be enjoyed.


Chunks of succulent Canadian lobster, coated in a rich lemon butter, tossed with mayo and our own secret blend of herbs and spices, just enough to accentuate the flavour of the lobster without being overpowering.


Chunky's Cheezy


An absolute must for those who must have cheese on everything. 

A match made in heaven, our delicious lobster rolls are slathered in just enough of Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan and Nacho cheese, to create the perfect blend of sweet and salty. Enjoy a unique taste, available nowhere else but here.


Chunky's Connecticut


For the purists, Connecticut style.

Served only with a rich coating of melted butter, meant for true aficionados looking for a taste and texture that no other seafood can match. Experience the quality of a true lobster roll.


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