All prawn rolls are served with a side of healthy cassava chips.

For the true Chunky Experience, make sure to get a regular or large!

Prawn Rolls

Garlic Butter Prawn


Garlicy and buttery goodness in your mouth.

Juicy, tender prawns bathed in rich, seasoned garlic butter to give a creamy yet aromatic flavour sensation in a crisp, toasted bun. 

Served warm.

$7.00 (Small)

$9.00 (Medium)

$11.00 (Large)

Mentaiko Prawn


A taste of Japan through a simple yet tangy topping.


Our prawn roll topped with mentaiko: a spiced cod roe with a unique flavour that Singaporeans have come to love. Torched till crisp and aromatic to give a delectable, smoky flavour.

Served torched.

$9.00 (Small)

$11.00 (Medium)

$13.00 (Large)

Chilli Crab Prawn


Singapore's favourite flavour on a different canvas!


Tender prawns covered in a fresh, locally made chilli crab sauce that's both savoury and tangy, wrapped in a soft, toasted bun.

Served warm.

$9.00 (Small)

$11.00 (Medium)

$13.00 (Large)

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